Crossroad signpost saying this way, that way, another way concept for lost, confusion or decisions

What to expect?

What you can expect are positive results from the course you take, however, not everyone can ride a motorcycle. Taking the course does not guarantee you will get a motorcycle license. It is not about passing or failing at riding a motorcycle, it is about building enough confidence to make a safe choice to ride on the road and learning proper technique to handle situations.


We are here to help! Let our certified MSF coaches help you learn to ride the right way, with safety being first in mind.

Why Choose us?

We train all of our students in a two-day schedule, offered both weekends and weekdays. We have four full-time air-conditioned classrooms with private rest rooms and mini kitchens. Our full-size riding ranges have multiple indoor stadium restrooms--no port-a-potties.


Don’t stress if your unsuccessful with your riding skill test at the end of your course. Sometimes we need a second chance to practice to master our skills. We are here to help! That is why we provide a second attempt at taking the skills test: Take it for free again with us when you’re ready!