Important Information Regarding Your Class and the COVID-19 Situation

At this time all of our classes will be held as scheduled.  

If you are feeling ill, especially if you are running a fever, sore throat, and short of breath, stay home. We will re-schedule you for a future date. Please send us an email to confirm if you need a re-schedule.

We are following all of the CDC and NJ guidelines social distancing and sanitizing. We are deep cleaning our classrooms and bathrooms each day.

It is important that you do your part also. Please bring your own motorcycle helmet and a face mask. You MUST also bring full-fingered gloves, over-the-ankle boots, and long sleeves and long pants to ride. If you are missing any of these item you will not be allowed to ride, and will not get your license. These do not have to be specific motorcycle gloves and boots, but need to be sturdy. Do NOT wear yoga pants or jeans with rips and tears—dress for the ride, not for fashion.

Please also bring anything you would like to eat and drink for each day. There is not enough time to go searching for food, especially since many places are now closed. We have refrigerators, microwave ovens, and toaster ovens in our classrooms, plus we have a Keurig with complimentary coffee. BRING WATER OR SPORT DRINKS, COOLERS ARE A GOOD IDEA!

When you arrive you will see two monster trucks parked on the left side. Please park in a single file line on the RIGHT side next to the chain link fence and stay in your car. After we take attendance you will follow one of our coaches in your own car to parking.

If you get lost, or are running late it is important that you call 732-905-7448 X 3.

We look forward to seeing you and to beginning an exciting new adventure.