Terms of Service

The Basic RiderCourse teaches the basic mental and physical skills needed for riding. In New Jersey this course provides a waiver of the written and riding licensing tests. You have nothing to do at Motor Vehicles but process the paper work.



     Able to balance and ride a bicycle AND be healthy enough for this activity

     Possess either a driver's license or motorcycle learner's permit

     Complete the eCourse, must be done before OR up to 30 days after class



When You Arrive: 


Drive in and please park on the right side of the roadway and wait there. We will take attendance at 7:00. You will then follow in your car to the classroom


What to Expect


     Approximately 15 hours of instruction over a two-day schedule: 5 hours classroom/10 hours riding. Total time

     will vary depending upon weather and student progress.


     Riding exercises include low-speed maneuvers and basic skills such as shifting, accelerating, braking, cornering,      U-turn, lane change, as well as evasive maneuvers. All are done on an enclosed, private riding area.


     Although this is a Group Riding Course, you’ll receive individual RiderCoach feedback 


     Motorcycles are provided--you may use your own helmet providing it is DOT certified


     We provide a variety of sizes and types of motorcycles that allow us to fit almost anyone


What you MUST Wear (NOTE you will not be allowed to ride without all of the following):


     Long-sleeve shirt or jacket--bring MORE than you think you will need


     Rain Gear- just in case! Expect to ride in rain or shine


     Long pants (heavy denim or riding pants recommended--NO yoga pants or ripped jeans)


     Over-the-ankle boots (sturdy foot wear)


     Eye protection, sun glasses or regular glasses are ok or full-face helmets with visors


     Full-finger gloves (bring your own)


What to Bring


     Food/beverages for breaks and lunch--this is a MUST. You will NOT HAVE TIME TO GO OUT FOR FOOD.


      All the above riding gear--you will not ride without this gear, NO re-schedule, NO refund if you are missing gear


 NOTE: if you do not have the above required gear, you will NOT ride, and there will be no refund.

Cancellation Policy


You may cancel your scheduled class with a refund up to 7-days prior to the first day of class providing you directly contact the office thru the web-site. Your request must be made in writing. 


A refund will be issued minus a $100 administration fee. Any cancellations in less then 7-days prior to the scheduled class will not receive any refund.


Re-Schedule Policy

You may re-schedule for a future course as long as you contact the office at least 5 days prior to the first day of your original scheduled class. Full tuition credit will be applied to the new class.


All re-scheduled classes subject to tuition credit must be completed within the original class season.


No tuition credits may be carried over to the next season. Classes re-scheduled in less then 5 days prior to the original date will receive no tuition credit, and are charged at full price.



Terms and Conditions for Successful Course Completion


Successful completion of the course requires 100% attendance.  If you are late, unprepared or miss any part of the classroom or range activities, you will not meet the completion requirements, and there will be no refund of tuition. Any reschedule do to the above will receive no tuition credit.


Instructors will strive to provide a safe and orderly environment. Students behaving in a reckless, disrespectful, or unruly manner will be removed from the course at the Instructor's discretion, and there will be NO refund.


You will be learning to ride in a group environment. Instructors will do their best to provide individual coaching and instruction to students. However, time is limited and they must also keep the class on schedule.


The Basic Rider Course takes a building block approach to learning to ride a motorcycle. Each exercise builds on the skills, knowledge, and confidence acquired from the previous exercises.


If you are unable to consistently achieve the exercise objectives, the Instructor will counsel (remove) you from the course.

It’s natural to be nervous about learning to ride a motorcycle. While some fear is to be expected, excessive fear can lead to tension and ultimately to mistakes on the riding range.


If the Instructor perceives that you have an excessive amount of fear and are a danger to yourself or other students, the Instructor will counsel (remove) you from the course. There will be NO refund of tuition.


To obtain your Motorcycle Safety Foundation Completion Card, you will be required to pass both a written and riding test. The decision of the Instructor is final with respect to whether you have passed or failed the test. Taking this course does NOT guarantee a motorcycle license.