Updated May 4


As of now all of our classes are on hold, and should resume soon. Several states have begun to re-open, and NJ should follow shortly.

New Students REGISTER NOW to save your place in line. 

Currently scheduled Classes will resume the week the mandate is lifted!

We have taken the following steps to accommodate our students:

1. We ordered and paid for a fleet of additional motorcycles, they are at the dealer ready for us.

2. We arranged with Raceway Park to double our classrooms. We now have four classrooms that can each accommodate 24 students.

3. We have doubled our riding ranges.

4. We have added new classes every Tuesday/Wednesday and every Sat/Sun, but have NOT listed this new classes on our public schedule, they are         exclusively for any students whose class has been postponed.

5. If you register for a class now, you will be added to the cue should your scheduled class be postponed. If you delay registering for a class, you will be limited to the posted schedule after all registered students have been accommodated.

In short, during the last week we have DOUBLED our capacity. So, current students will be able to take your class immediately when the Governor lifts the current restrictions. New students may sign up for any available classes—we will be adding new classes at the beginning of the month as soon as the mandate is lifted—we are prepared with new bikes, additional classrooms, and additional riding ranges.

For students currently scheduled for March and April:

1. We will email you immediately upon the end of the NJ mandate and make the new schedule available to you. You may select the very first available make-up class or any open spots we have anywhere in the schedule. You come ahead of everyone else. You may switch to or from a weekday to a weekend or visa versa. We will continue to do everything possible to accommodate your schedule.

2. We request that you acknowledge receipt of the re-schedule email via our web site. If we do not get a message from you via our web site, we will call the phone number you supplied.

3. All eCourse certificates will NOT expire and the serial numbers will be extended until you take your course.

As things change daily we all are having to adapt. Please check our web-site (under our COVID-19 INFO TAB) for any updates. President Trump is expected to discuss easing restrictions during a press conference March 23. A new combination of existing drugs appears to be very promising. Hopefully we will be back to life as usual soon.

Stay safe, and remember, motorcycling is not cancelled. Our classes are only delayed.

Robert Zurich
Program Director